Brandon Wockner




Australian artist living in Toowoomba, Queensland. I Find art to be one of the few things I enjoy in life, it allows an escapism that I hadn't or never thought I'd find. It's purity in a raw form, I began painting in 2016 after I looked after my father for four years while he battled cancer after he passed, I was incredibly depressed and I think if I didn’t find art I’d not be here now. This changed how I began to view the world and within my art I attempt to make it more mystical and hopeful. It is my dream to eventually be able to paint full time. I want to encourage other people to get into it since it allows free expression and self-reflection that has turned me into the person I am now. Currently working in an operating theatre at the local hospital. I paint spontaneously onto the canvas and as the creation starts to reveal itself I begin to create a scene. I love the free expression of painting and the freedom that it allows.