Crossing The Dimantina - Limited Edition Print


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The inspiration for this painting came from a number of photos lent to me by John Landers which recorded the crossing of the main channel of the Diamantina River by a drover's plant which traversed acoss Davenport Downs Cattle Station in the 1970s.


The huge mob of cattle and drovers' horses separated of their own accord, and crossed the river at different places. In this painting I have depicted the leisurely crossing of the muddy waters by the drovers' horses. Note that each horse has a piece of rope knotted about its neck, which would be an aid in catching them when they were required for use. A kerosene soaked rag would sometimes be tied to this which would dangle down the back of the horses jaw, as a deterent to bot flies.


The horses in the paddock I used to walk through as a tiny girl in the late 1950s on the way to my father's banana plantation, had the same type of rope about their necks.