Dancing Sunflowers II


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This is a textured oil painting on a stretched cotton boxed canvas ready to hang. It has been painted using a palette knife. The sunflower seeds have been painted over with a gloss varnish. This painting invites you to feel and interact with it! It has a partner - Dancing Sunflowers I

Sunflowers symbolise happiness and vibrancy. Seeds are the key to new beginnings. It takes nourishment, the right timing and environmental conditions to grow and bloom. Some don’t take hold. That’s no big deal, that’s why there are many - have another go, don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Painting the seeds were a reminder of having patience to accept the “new me” after sustaining a traumatic brain injury and realising I would never go back to the person I was pre-injury. Repetition is a reminder that it takes a lot of practice to adapt and to acquire a new skill. Persistence pays off. The leaves connect and bring things and people together - thoughts, relationships, love, support.