Desert Garden - abstract landscape painting with embroidery


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30.50 (cm)
30.50 (cm)
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This beautiful little piece is inspired by the outback desert landscape seen from the air, the scattering of vegetation is a combination of paint and embroidery.

Artwork info: 
♥ acrylic on canvas 
♥ measures 30.5x30.5cm 
♥ canvas depth 3.5cm black edge 
♥ ready to hang

Regenerated Collection 
This collection focuses on the Australian outback, mostly with an aerial perspective. I enjoy working with this view for landscapes as it highlights the commonality of patterns seen in nature and the reoccurring designs found at any scale, from the microscopic to the satellite.

In researching the aerial images she was struck by the difference in the same view taken at different times of year. The Australian outback is a rich tapestry of changing colours and patterns. Some of these same arrangements are found at the macro or microscopic level in the plants, water and rocks. Tiny dots of vegetation, wild flowers and shrubs, come and go or alter in shade with the seasons.