Doodie Herman



My inspiration comes from a deep love of and connection to nature. It began with exploration of the swathe of untouched bush behind my childhood home, returning to a vast view of river and sky Those early memories have many layers over them, of the Kimberleys, the Blue Mountains, the drive across the Nullarbor many times, the rainforests of far North Queensland, the Tarkine, the Flinders Ranges, central NSW, the wheat country of WA: they’re all in there and inform how I paint my country.
Each painting begins with a palette of colours. I then apply that to the canvas in broad, free strokes with large brushes, using a combination of diluted and thick paint. There is no intention at this stage, just to make a ground. It’s chaos. Then I look. Where colours blend, there is tonal variation and gestures are visible, the dialogue begins and I start to discover the painting. Some kind of order ensues.
Modern life can be challenging on so many levels that it’s easy to forget how much peace and pleasure there can be in looking at something you consider beautiful.  Knowing that my work has resonated and given pleasure to those who have collected it is deeply rewarding.