Douglas Frith






Born in 1962 in country Victoria, but now residing in Adelaide. I'm am classed as a naive artist who paints humorous outback scenes depicting an old farmer and his mates. As a child my grandfather would go a way shearing in NSW and out back South Australia on his return he would tell his yarns about the people he meet while he was shearing, these stories stayed with me. My involvement in art started 28 years ago when I started mucking around with a tin of paint and a old board, I am inspired by the work of pro hart ,pro being one of the brush man of the bush, my work has evolved over the years, with sales world wide and having regular a collector base of my works. My works very from outback pubs known as the old Fred series to Ned Kelly and ocean pieces and outback sunset and sunrises, I enjoy what I paint and I hope you do as well.