Dry Season Boab

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Original painting in watercolours and gold leaf on archival paper, stretched over a stretcher.  Unframed.

Boab trees capture the imagination of many a traveler when they visit the Kimberley, Western Australia.  Many of them exhibit human-like characteristics.  There are tall skinny ones, short stumpy ones, elegant ones, and clumsy looking ones, and they're all easily identifiable as boab trees.   I'll never get tired of painting them, they're all unique in some way.  This family of boab trees is near Kununurra, I found them on one of my boab hunting photography missions.

This painting is ready to hang, but I highly recommend that you frame it, because a frame will protect the white edges from getting dirty and scuffed.

It has been varnished with about 6 to 7 layers of archival varnish so it's water resistant, and doesn't need to be behind glass.