Eve Izzett



I'm a North Queensland based artist and lover of all things colourful.  I am fascinated by the different moods that you can create simply by changing the palette. I've messed around with paint since I was a child but have only been working seriously as an artist since 2015, and am continually experimenting as I grow as an artist. I work in various styles and mediums from acrylic pet and animal portraits to large scale landscapes and abstracts in oil paint. I regularly participate in group exhibitions around Australia (and once as far afield as Italy) and my work can be found in many private collections both locally and internationally.

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and spent the first 25 years of life between Zim and South Africa.   After doing some traveling around Australia I ended up in the small community of Magnetic Island in North Queensland and have never left (it's just that sort of a place).

I live with my husband (a very tolerant man, who accepted years ago that I am always more likely to be in my studio than anywhere else), two small children (who thankfully share my love of painting, which makes my life much simpler), and three extremely spoiled cats.

Like all the other artists I know I always seem to have more project ideas rolling around in my head than hours in which to do them. I try to keep pushing myself and experimenting and I love taking other artists classes, you just never know what little trick they may have that you didn't realise you were missing. Exactly what I'll do next I don't know, but that's the fun bit.