Horse Races By EJCairns Edward Cairnduff Now Sold

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Horse Races  By EJCairns  Edward Cairnduff


Featured at the Goondiwindi Polo Tournament 11/08/2018

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Public · Event · by Goondiwindi / North Star Polo Club



Depicts a day at the horse racing in the outback. lots going on in the crowd, it is a cold day and the drum fires are supplying some welcomed warmth.

I have added 3 more pics so you can get a close up. One is of the horses going for the finish line. Another is of the drum fires keeping people nice and warm. The other is of the two up game. Check out the bloke in red about to hoist the pennies into the air with the kip ( the kip is a flat piece of wood to rest the two pennies on. The spinner then hoists the pennies into the air. Some of the terms used in two up are, Come in spinner, Heads or tails.


Painting on stretched boxed canvas ready to hang. ( D clips installed on the back to attach the hanging cord )


W91.4cm x H60.9cm x D4.00cm


Supplied with a certificate of authenticity.