Inside Out


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This is an oil painting on a stretched cotton canvas with deep edges painted black ready to hang. My signature is on the right-hand side of the painting in gold. This painting comes with its unique story and a certificate of authenticity. This painting has a number of layers so parts of it, including the trees, have been scraped back to expose the under layers and then have a clear gloss coating.

Most of my paintings include trees. I love trees, they are all so unique and quirky. Have you ever wondered what is happening inside trees? The life force travelling around them? This painting brings to light the inside workings of trees, the energy flowing up and down; nutrients and water spreading through to the tips. Once established they are amazingly resilient. I often think they are so symbolic of our own lives.

I sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2015 and started to paint as part of my rehabilitation; so I give 10% of all my sales to Brain Injury Australia to support their wonderful work.