Isabel Campbell Taylor



I was born and raised in Melbourne but spent much of my childhood and adolescence on my family’s property in the Victorian High Country, near Mansfield. I took up drawing at the age of three and it was through art I was able to express my endless love for animals, particularly horses. 

I draw because I love to celebrate the natural form. I want to capture a moment in time, isolate a figure and truly express its energy and spirit. The contrast of black and white help to emphasise just how striking any subject can be. While I work predominantly in black and white, I am interested in expanding my skill set to include coloured works, as there is a vibrancy to life that I would love to explore.

My passion for adventure has sent me all over the world; from Amsterdam to Croatia, through to Bolivia, Peru, Chile and more. In 2018, I found my way back to the Victorian High Country where I volunteered for a Horse Trekking company. I was fascinated by the lives and culture of the cattlemen and went searching for a position on a cattle station with the hopes of working primarily with horses. It was through Gumtree that I came across a cattle station not far from Roma QLD and I was contacted by a Cutting Horse trainer not far from Roma QLD. He was in need of a strapper, and I jumped at the opportunity. 

It was a challenging and fulfilling 12 months as I learned to muster cattle, care for and help train young horses, and ultimately participate in my first Rookies Cutting event. The station also presented me with new opportunities to grow as an artist, as I began receiving commissions of horses, dogs, people and more. 

I have returned to Melbourne to begin full-time study, but am determined to keep my connection with that world alive through art.