Jennifer Bell





Jennifer Bell grew up in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales surrounded by a mix of mining, vineyards and farmland. Today she works as a full time independent artist from her sunny Queensland studio utilising a range of techniques (primarily decorative painting and paper weaving) to capture a unique perspective of the Australian environment. Her intricate work is represented in private collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia. 

Jennifer’s work explores pattern, both man-made and naturally occurring, influenced largely by her experience of a little known neuro-ophthalmologcal condition which means she sees patterned dots in her visual field, continuously. These dots appear as a fine veil of dancing, kaleidoscopic colour that can never be turned off. Even on the calmest day and in the simplest of surroundings, the world is full of movement and decoration. Jennifer shares this unique experience of the world through her art.