Johanna Larkin



Predominantly focusing on Australian wildlife, botanicals and old Australiana, this self-taught artist has a passion for her craft which is evident in the beautiful artwork she consistently produces. Johanna has forged a successful career in the arts, having sold her artwork across 6 countries and her latest (and largest) commission, a 2.5m installation, hangs in a community centre in QLD.

Johanna was born in the Netherlands and moved to Australia when she was just 4 years of age. Johanna enjoys living in the Perth hills and spending time exploring the Australian outback, looking for inspiration for her paintings and drawings. She describes herself as an animal lover (large and small) and says no matter where she is, she can always find beauty in the world when looking at nature and animals. Johanna says that she loves capturing this beauty in her artwork and knowing her art will add something specials to somebodies’ home. 

Johanna was recently approached to participate in a solo exhibition that attracted more than 120 people at the opening night, resulting in a good number of her original work and prints sold. As Johanna's art grows in popularity, she finds new opportunities at every corner, with the latest being her invitation to participate in Kalamunda Open Studios 2020. Johanna embraces these opportunities as it provides another platform for her to interact with her buyers and to share her passion for the arts.

Johanna puts her heart and soul into her paintings, and this seems to pay off as people viewing her art say they feel drawn into her paintings and connect with the subject which Johanna says is the greatest compliment she could receive.

Johanna works with several different mediums including, pastels, paints, inks, and pencils applied to canvas, paper and wood panels.