Jos Coufreur


Jos is an award-winning artist and his artworks are full of spontaneous vibrant colour. Since leaving art school in Holland he has been on a long journey of discovery as an artist.

A childhood disease saw him unable to do sports so his parents encouraged him to take up art. All through his teenage years and into his twenties art was a hobby. After being made redundant from a publishing company he decided to become a fulltime artist. He started painting horse and dog portraits on commission and opened his own art gallery. His art has gradually evolved from photo realism to impressionism. His artworks are in large format to allow him free movement and expression, and his love for colour is evident in each piece. His artworks portray people, animals and city and landscapes and he takes on commission works. 

Jos lives and works in Mandurah. Jos grew up in the Wollongong area and moved to the Netherlands when he was 17. After meeting and marrying Hilly in Holland, they immigrated to New Zealand where they brought up 4 children. When all of them moved to Perth as adult children, they decided to follow and settled in Mandurah, West Australia.