Loretta Egan



Loretta Egan was born in Canarvon on the 4th of January 1964. She is a proud Yamatji woman and speaks the Wajarri language. She attended primary school in Geraldton and High School at St. Norbert's College, Queen's Park Perth.

 In 1981, she moved to Alice Springs Central Australia, where she was given permission to do dot painting, It perfectly exhibits the cultural aspects of Australia’s Indigenous people. Loretta acknowledges that she learnt the art form and received permission to practice from traditional land owners.

One of Loretta's paintings was presented to the Queen, on a visit to Perth.  A year later she was approached to do a special piece that would go on to be a part of an Art Exhibition in London in which the guest of honour was Her Majesty, the Queen of England.

 Throughout the 90s and into the new millennium she has worked extensively with various Art Galleries around Perth, as well as having been part of numerous Exhibitions around Australia. Loretta plans to hold an Art Exhibition of her own sometime in the near future.