Meg Vivers




Meg Vivers grew up on a large cattle station in southern Queensland where she loved to ride her favourite horse through the bush.  Her life-long love of the Australian bush and her occasional visits to the far-off sea-side with her parents have inspired many of her paintings.

As she was growing up, Meg’s parents encouraged her to draw, and her favourite subjects then were the horses that she rode and loved.  After marriage, Meg settled with her husband on a property on the New England Tablelands near Armidale in NSW. There, her love of drawing extended to the old deserted sheds and houses that still existed on the Tablelands. 

However, her love of painting in vivid colours, abstract and semi-abstract works began when she attended art classes in Armidale run by Estelle Cottsell, a well-known local artist. Now she has developed her own original style for her semi-abstract landscapes, in many of which the bush from her childhood still features. Recently Meg and her husband moved from their small farm to a house in Armidale, where the Queensland bush remains a recurring theme in her acrylic and oil paintings.

Meg and her husband have also travelled extensively around Australia and the landscapes that they have seen are represented in many of the paintings. Meg has a PhD from the University of New England, Armidale and has written several books and poems. One of her books is presently being translated into Japanese for publication in Tokyo.