Min Min

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The Painting of “Min Min”  

The Min Min Spirits watch over all life and geographical formations. Each face showing their individualism, the same as us.

This painting was very challenging and I used every technique of dotting I know. I created different elements using colours, shapes and direction to fill some of the spaces and     represent the various elements of the scene. For me personally, I really like the elements in the background with the colours representing the land from desert to ocean. I am really happy with how it has turned out. It is a picture that does have a lot going on, quite busy in parts, but yet everywhere you look there is something interesting to look at with all the

intricate details.  

I have calculated that there are approximately 272,000 individual dots on this piece which has ended up being 890mm x 1225mm.

This is an Aboriginal art painting by Daniel William Shenstone Romaine.

The original Artwork “Min Min” is provided as an industry standard stretched canvas which is 14 ounce Belgian Linen stretched over a 19mm gallery stretcher (ready to hang). This is a guaranteed quality product which will not deteriorate if hung/stored in a suitable environment. (Please ask for further details if required).

The Artwork size is 890mm high x 1225mm long and is gesso on Belgian Linen and high quality acrylic paints. It is estimated that there is approximately 272,000 individual dots on this   artwork. Included is a photo of Daniel Romaine with the painting. The rear of the artwork is signed by the artist.

This Painting “Min Min” was completed in July 2017.

Copyright of this artwork is managed by the artist and is not to be reproduced without the   written permission of the artist.

Any more questions about Min Min please contact charles@outbackcreative.com.au