Mothers Warmth

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A Mothers warmth on the coldest day brings comfort and safety, we all seek the comfort of our parents when we are young and this brumby filly born in the harsh winter of the Snowy Mountains was no different. It was the Blizzard of Oz in August 2017 and she was only a few weeks old, how hardy our Wild horses are, their survival is enthralling and inspiring.

The dimensions I work on Paper size A2 = image with a 5cm white border . Paper size A3 = image with a 3.5cm border . May be slight variations dependant on image orientation.


Sizes remain same the A2 and A3 Unframed prints however the border on A3 is aprox 3 cm and the border on A2 is aprox 5cm, there needs to be a disclaimer that there may be slight variations depend on the print.