Pam Hume


Painting colours of outback Australia I love and enjoy. Kangaroo’s asleep in the scorching heat. Sunsets hair streaks out like fire, red dust covers everything rust hiding secrets here and there. Wild birds shriek as sheep zig zag down to the creak .Mirages are telling lies of water. Brolga birds dancing with long hopping steps .Above a lazy river an eagle soar’s high , there’s the smell of cattle and leather saddle. Old homesteads and sheds lost in time. Life’s a gamble of love and dreams.

Now that I have retired from work and my five children have grown up I have started to paint again, before it was impossible to do art. I won art prizes as a teenager and in my twenty’s, back then I had a large exhibition of 300 painting.

 I paint a variety of subject’s Australian scenes with Kangaroo’s, Birds, Old sheds, Seascapes and Landscapes

I like using acrylic paint with bright colours that are painted on hardboard or canvas.