Pet Portraits

Marlene Millard


Marlene Millard provides real life drawings and paintings of pet's that have astounded our clients. If you would like to commission a piece for your pet. Please get in contact with 

See examples of Marlenes' work below

Prices and mediums are as below:

*size in cms approximate within a couple of cm

*size indicates image size not framed size*

Pastel Painting - Framed complete

60cm x 40cm - $1,000

50cm x 40cm - $900

40cm x 30cm - $720

Pastel Painting - Matting & Backing Only

60cm x 40cm - $700

50cm x 40cm - $600

40cm x 30cm - $500

Acrylic Painting on stretched Canvas - Unframed

60cm x 40cm - $700

50cm x 40cm - $600

40cm x 30cm - $480

Thirsty Work - By Marlene Millard


Dozer - Feature/demonstration article in the Australian Artist Magazine 2009 - by Marlene Millard



Debra Dickson


I paint a diverse range of animals, so if your pet has fur, feathers or scales it can be transformed into a beautiful portrait. 
All paintings are done in acrylics on stretched canvas, unframed.
40 x 30 cm $560
40 x 50 cm $700
50 x 60 cm $890
60 x 76 cm $1600
larger sizes available upon request
William Ritchie
Below are the Pricing tables for works completed in oil, gouache and watercolour. The pricing provided is a guide only and may vary according to any of the following. 
  • design complexity 
  • The requirement and extent of any preparation fieldword and research
  • the amount of fine detail
  • the time to the completion date
  • any additional costs incurred such as mounting, framing, delivery or postage


Some examples of prices below, prices subject to change depending on criteria above



30cm x 61cm - $952

61cm x 76cm - $2411

76cm c 91cm - $3410


Watercolour & Gouache 

25cm x 25cm - $325

35cm x 35cm - $637

55cm x 55cm - $1537