Peter Hoffman


Hi there,

Like a lot of kids in the 70s I began my drawing career on a blackboard which my father, a weekend sign writer and coach painter with Qld rail, had made for me in his spare time at work.

I grew up watching him paint people, horses and landscapes using oils, acrylics, watercolours and occasionally he would simply draw cartoons and detailed sketches in pencil. The whole creative process fascinated me, setting me on a path to discovering my own unique style.

At 15 I attended the QLD College of Art in Morningside where I picked up some neat tricks and honed my critical eye and my penmanship skills. Over the years my artwork has been exhibited in galleries, published in newspapers, books and magazines both locally and internationally and in 2017 my artwork was featured in the Artline Pens “Let your feelings show” campaign. 

Buyer Information 

Coming from a traditional black & white illustration background my intent has always been to create simple, but potent images with an iconic and symbolic character. Each image is meticulously detailed filling the subject with a sense of life, depth and feeling that jumps off the page to capture the audiences imagination. The artwork is simply created in black fineline pen on a sheet of bright white paper. The outer dimensions are 21cm x 29.7cm and weighs approximately 10 grams. All artwork is placed into a plastic sleeve and carefully flat packed into a reinforced box for integrity and protection and sent through registered post nationally and internationally. The artwork comes ready to mount and/or frame at the buyers discretion.