Peter Lombard



Peter Lombard is an Africa born Australian artist, with a talent for the visual arts. He has mastered several mediums, including; charcoal, oils, wood carving, inlay, glass etching and clay sculpture. Currently his direction and passion is for creating Digital Photo Art, a member of the Australian Photographic Society and president of Peninsula Camera Club. He has had success with his creative photography in local, national and international competitions.

 Peter photographs elements of the outback in a series of works conceived by his powerful love for the interaction of people with their motivating passion. With a particular fascination for the competitive nature of men and women of the land, through Rodeo. Peter presents the public with a unique insight into the harsh competitive beauty of life in the outback, through his artistic creativity, capturing a moment in time and adding depth to share the passion with the viewer.

 Peter now lives with his wife on the northern outskirts of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Awards and Recognition

Peninsula Camera Club Champion Image 2017
PSQ Tewantin Shield Champion Image 2017
PSQ Inter-club Champion 2016
GPU Silver QIDC 2016
ISF World Cup Gold 2016
FAE Documentary Collection 2015

Exhibiting Galleries

Heaven Gallery - USA 2018
Musee du Louvre - Paris France 2015