Samantha Meurant



Samantha Meurant Art

My name is Samantha Meurant, I am an artist living in the South West Queensland town of Cunnamulla. With every painting my intention is that it will bring joy to the viewer, through the colours and the subjects in which I capture. Living on the land is hard work but the continuing drought has made it even tougher. My painting intends to capture the beauty and strength of the animals, wildlife and landscapes, these are the reason after all that the farmers continue to do what they do. My preferred medium is Acrylic paint as well as graphite and pen. I  have always had a passion for creativity and have moved my art into a professional capacity in 2016 after holding my first solo exhibition. I now sell commissioned artworks, originals and prints across Australia.

I also run Art workshops which have become popular in the western communities and bring social and creative enjoyment to those who attend, as well as being a great source of stress relief. I enjoy continuing to challenge myself in my art career and bringing the joy of art to those that view my artworks and participate in my painting workshops.