Well Now We Have Got Her!

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Original Oil and Tempera on sealed hardboard 
99.5 x 72, Framed 123 x 95.5 x 5 cm, 7kg

This is a gorgeous painting, with masterful rendition of light and form! I love the way Ron has depicted the light beyond the tree foliage, and the way the midday light reflects off the glossy coats of these fit and healthy horses. You are left to imagine the story depicted here. Two horsemen dismounted from their saddled horses and one extra horse with just a halter and lead. Where are they? Out in the bush somewhere! What is happening? Have they just caught the mare out in the back paddock? Or had she gotten away, escaped into the bush and the men had just found her? She looks very fit... definitely a performance horse!  Or perhaps the unsaddled mare had been ridden out and the man on the left has just exchanged saddle and bridle with the horse he looks about to mount? The men are discussing something, what is it?

Framed magnificently, with a wide flat distressed timber grain frame that has a raised golden inner ridge sloping down to meet a deeply scooped neutral gold edged slip. The warm natural timber colours enhance the colours of the horses, and the light colour of the slip brings out the light reflecting off the horses beautifully.